Relay | Pittsburgh 10 Miler

2-Person Relay Team

2 is better than 1

Don’t run the EQT Pittsburgh 10 Miler alone!

Challenge your co-workers, family, friends, neighborhood, church group or school team to run with you on Sunday, November 5 and have even more fun! Not ready to run a full 10 yourself? Then choose our very popular 2-person relay.

2-Person Relay

Relays are the new hot trend on the running scene today and the  2-person relay is the perfect answer to new runner demands.  The number of relay teams has expanded to 500 teams for those that prefer to split the course and conquer the 10-mile course together!

The race course is divided into two legs for the 2-person relay. The legs will not necessarily be the exact same distance, so plan ahead and make sure you choose the right person for each leg of the race. Compete with your teammate against other relay teams for the fastest male, female and co-ed relay teams in the 10 Miler.
Relays must have 2 participants to qualify for awards. The first teammate to register and create the relay team will pay the registration fee.